Current Projects

Outdoor Compost Station

Compost is now available at all cafe locations. There?s no need to walk all the way to the Cesar Chavez Student Center to toss that banana peel. Waste stations incorporating compost are now located in front of Cafe Rosso, in the main entrance way of the Business Building and in the HSS courtyard. The image below shows the three bin system.

Photo of three bin waste collection system located in front of Cafe Rosso















Clay Roof Tile Replacement in University Park South

When it was time for University Housing to re-roof University Park South, they decided to reuse the existing clay tiles rather than purchasing entirely new materials. A crew of workers carefully removed and stacked the tiles on half of the roof, while another crew removed the existing roofing underlayment. The tiles were then moved and temporarily placed on the adjacent low sloped roofs, so that the remainder of the roof could be updated. Finally the existing tiles were installed on the building. Through this project, the University was able to divert 400 tons of tiles from the landfill.

The Sustainable and Environmental Equity Development (SEED) Fund

In spring 2008, several students developed a potential Sustainable and Environmental Equity Development (SEED) Fund initiative based on The Green Initiative Fund passed on several University of California campuses. Revenues for the fund would be raised by an additional $4 student fee, which would go towards sustainability and social justice oriented projects. Currently ECO Students are collecting signatures of support for the fee which will be put to student referendum in the 2010-2011 school year.