Energy Efficiency

SF State has a comprehensive energy efficiency program with the goal of reducing campus-wide electrical consumption by 15% by the end of Fiscal Year 2009-2010 as compared to 2003-2004. The campus has also saved money and kilowatts working with PG&E:

  • Saved 2,146,089 KW in annual consumption and 553 KW in demand through lighting efficiency upgrades.
  • Saved 1,123,536 KW in annual consumption and 70KW demand through building system efficiency upgrades.
  • Received $1,057,177 in grants and incentives from PG&E for campus-wide energy efficiency measures.

Renewable Energy Commitment

Along with improved efficiency, the University is committed to renewable energy. 20% of all purchased energy comes from renewable resources.

Living Green


It's easy to be green

SF State is home to the first 'green' college student housing unit in San Francisco.
by Matt Itelson