Sustainable Facilities Initiatives & Operations

Forest Renewal Project

The Forest Renewal project protects the current ecosystem and outlines the new direction of native and adapted tree species planting for the campus.

Green Cleaning Program

Campus Custodial Services continues to clean the entire campus using a Green Cleaning system.

Integrated Pest Management

Due to the need for sensitivity towards our environment and members of the campus community, a zero toxicity sustainable pest control program is utilized in campus buildings. This program eliminates concerns regarding the use and effect of toxic pesticide effects on indoor air quality, personal sensitivity and the ecology.

Energy Efficiency

The campus has set ambitious Energy Efficiency goals; which include reducing campus-wide electrical consumption and taking part in the University of California/California State University/Investor Owned Utility Energy Efficiency Partnership.

Cogeneration and Cost Savings

The campus operates a 2.0 megawatt cogeneration plant. The plant produces electricity for campus use and reuses the waste heat for campus heating. Due to the combined efficiency of the cogeneration plant, the campus realizes approximately $ 500,000 to $600,000 annually in cost savings over the direct purchase of electricity and gas for heating in addition to consuming non-renewable energy.